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Like many other businesses, Fry Daddy’s Brand started out as a beloved family recipe from Papa Wilbur. Papa Wilbur would make and distribute his party mix around the holidays to family and friends. When anyone would start eating the party mix, they couldn’t stop. The recipe was passed down to the founders of Fry Daddy’s Brand, Dan and his wife Morgan. The year-round interest for this flavorful feel-good snack led to the start of Fry Daddy’s Brand. 

We started working out of our kitchen to meet orders from family and friends. To test our products, we decided the next best step would be to sell Fry Daddy’s Brand at a local Farmers Market. The overwhelming response from our community has been amazing and allowed us to continue to exceed our growth expectations. 

We strive to maintain the quality of our products. We want our products to bring you back to Christmas as a kid when your grandma made the best snack mix! We know that Grandma’s will always be the best, so we are okay to be the second best. 

Bring all your favorite flavors home today 

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